Part 1 of 3 of a reflection series as part of the Cansbridge Fellowship 2021 Cohort

A year and a half ago I went for a walk with my mom, my brother and my dog. My brother expressed concerns over the Coronavirus that was being reported to have infected fifteen people in the United States. No Canadian had yet to be diagnosed. I remember my mom telling my brother not to worry about such a small number of infections and no deaths, and that everyone identified seemed to be recovering. At the time, we all agreed that this virus was not going to affect our lives. We would continue with our everyday activities: attend school, go…

Leverage data science, machine learning, and business principles to predict the success of startups based on common characteristics

Written by Shiyan Boxer


This web application leverages data science, machine learning, and business principles to predict the success of startups based on common characteristics. The goals throughout the development process are to ensure reliability, scalability, and ease of use. The program is an end to end solution consisting of four parts:

  1. Clean cleans dataset before building the model
  2. Model predicts success
  3. API allows requests to the model
  4. Frontend allows user to inputs criteria


Problem Definition

Traditionally, venture capital is considered more of an art than a science. Venture capitalists meet with founders, perform due diligence, and try to make the…

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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

This is a quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo, a famous author who is often considered as a man who has sparked a revolution in higher education. This quote resonates with me and has found true in my life.

What is your passion?” It’s a question I’ve been asked multiple times and I always answer with “I’m not really sure”. I believe many people my age struggle with this question. Perhaps it’s due to our general lack of experience or unfamiliarity of knowing ourselves.

I believe finding…

Written by Shiyan Boxer

Entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized for its value in contributing critical solutions to the imminent problems of modern society. Innovators are taking risks because they are passionate about starting businesses that add value to people’s lives while creating wealth and opportunity for themselves and others. One key indicator of this growth can be shown by increased venture capital activity. In the past two years, the total value of VC activity almost a three-fold increase reported Today’s entrepreneurs are disciplined self-starters looking for freedom and self-fulfillment in the workplace.

But what makes one idea valuable and another…

Hospital Operation Optimization Using AI

Written by Shiyan Boxer

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Hospital Operation Optimization

Healthcare professionals deal with high pressures to improve hospital performance. This is a difficult task since, in order to evaluate and optimize hospital results, several factors must be considered including emergency room waiting times, a number of patients, medical staff preparation, quality of care provided, availability of resources, amenities, rooms available, and more.

The Point of this Article

This article briefly outlines the types of advanced logistic regression models that will be explored in future articles including ARIMA Model, Recurrent Neural Network, and Logistic Regression Model. …

Written by Shiyan Boxer

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It seems obvious that positive emotions generate feelings of fulfillment and gratification actuating positive outcomes in life and in the workplace. Intuitively then, negative emotions, including anger and fear, produce the opposite effect of dissatisfaction and potential failure; however, this is not always true. The way we process and manage negative emotions, triggered by unwelcome events, can shape our attitudes and behaviours resulting in decisions and actions that benefit or harm individuals and those around them. In fact, my best performances, greatest successes, and most satisfying experiences have not come without sacrifice and adversity. …

Written by Shiyan Boxer

Image from APA

Influencing others to act in order to achieve your goals is exercising power. It is generally easy for employees to determine who has power with a great deal of consensus. Effective leaders possess expert skills, knowledge, expertise and resources required to solve significant problems facing individual workers, teams, and organizations at large. Consequential problems increase employees’ dependency on leadership increasing their power and influence.

Legitimate power is exercised when subordinates accept and comply with the designated authority like a boss or the police. The ability to reward or punish others influences behaviour such that the greater…

Written by Shiyan Boxer

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Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. One commonality is that leaders must have followers. Their greatness is judged by history for their impact on others whether it be positive, negative, momentous, unsubstantial, temporary, or lasting. The symbiotic relationship between leader and follower cannot be overstated.

Centuries ago, philosopher Joseph de Maistre argued that societies get the leaders they deserve. Experts today contend leaders get the followers they deserve. I have found both to be true. …

Applications of 3D Imaging & VR in Real Estate

Written by Shiyan Boxer

Business Problem

Canada Post operates more than 6,200 post offices across the country including corporate offices and private franchises (Innovapost). Canada Post needs to access detailed, accurate, and reliable documentation of its buildings with ease in order to maintain and maximize the full potential of its real estate. Currently, building documents are scattered across multiple databases or sometimes not even present in a digital version such as microfiche scans and paper drawings. In fact, several buildings do not have any documentation pertaining to building specifics. These factors make it difficult and time-consuming to retrieve vital information regarding…

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